Studies, 2001

The project for Paris Rive Gauche adopted a plan for traditional concentric development. A different kind of configuration is necessary once you cross the exterior boulevard and the peripheral highway and ultimately the IVRY railway zone. The urban structure here is no longer defined by streets and blocks but by what has materialized as autonomous transportation modes out of the initial project. Urbanization switches its pole of attraction. A different centre is emerging: a centre of networks.

Located at their intersections, large commercial and transport facilities have proven to us over the past thirty years that the periphery generates its own urbanization and development, independently of the city centre.

We are in exactly the same kind of situation here, with an enormous, imposing potential. This requires a conception of the project which reconciles architecture and urbanism and which combines the logic of territories with that of networks : such an opportunity for inter-connection knocks but once, so to speak.