Alain Guiheux : Architect Dplg.

Dominique Rouillard : Architect Dplg.

Naree Kim : Architect Dplg.

Soyoung Lee : Architect Dplg.

Pierre-Adrien Vimond : Architect Dplg.

Baris Saricoglu : Architect Hmonp.

Arnaud Depeyre : Architect Hmonp.

Delphine Hernot : Architect Hmonp.

Cristelle Gualdi : Artist


Our projects are also realized in close collaboration with the following experts :

– Joseph Chaffey, economist

– Robert Jan Van Santen , engineer façade.

– Yan Legal, transportation engineer

– DUCKS sceno, scene engineer.

– Jean-Marc Weill, structural engineer

– R.F.R., environmental and structural engineer

– Yves Lugginbühl, landscape engineer, research director at CNRS

– Laurence Vanpoulle, Ah-Ah landscape architects

– Florence Mercier, landscape architect

– Gilles de Fayet, information graphics specialist and cinematographer

– Laurent Ungerer, Jean-Baptiste Taine and Xavier Mercier, Aurélien Conty, graphic designers

– Nathalie Crinière and Frédéric Guillet, interior designer and scenographer

– Bruno Queysanne, historian and philosopher, Jac Fol, philosopher

– Asynth, Render, 3D